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Vimukti Sanstha, a registered society, has started an integrated programme for educating the underprivileged girl child from the urban slums. The main objective of this programme is to combat and overcome the vulnerability of these girls through literacy and education and to make them self reliant and self employed citizen. This programme is implemented through Vimukti Girls School.

  • Vimukti Girls School (VGS), Jaipur provides completely free education to the girls of slums. VGS does not charge any fee and provides free books, uniforms, stationery, transport and light meals.
  • The criteria for admission in Vimukti Girls School is that the family income of the students seeking admission should not be more than Rs 10,000 per month. Physical verification of the information provided by applicants is done by teachers by visiting the houses of the applicants to ensure that only the families below poverty line are the beneficiaries.
  • The curriculum at the school entails educating the student from Pre-primary to Senior Secondary level. A dedicated cadre of full time professionally qualified and trained teachers, staff and volunteers support the Vimukti learning experience.
  • There is a constant endeavor to engage parents in the school activities. Parent teachers' meetings are held regularly and it is noticed over the years that not just the mothers but also the fathers now take interest in the education of their daughters. The parents' attendance in these meetings now is 80-90%. Parents are invited for Annual Function Celebration as well as Sports' Day.
  • Growth of Vimukti Girls School
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Sucess Story


My Name is Ritu Chauhan I am 19 years old. I am an ex student of VGS. I joined Vimukti in class K.G and left in 2012 as I passed class VIII.

What I found the biggest different in VGs and other school is method of study. In VGS teachers are more devoted to make the students understand the course. In other school teachers only want to finish the course, doesn't matter if students understand anything or not. Now I want to join Indian Army So I can serve the nation.
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I am Swati Baghel and I am 12 years old. I am studying in class VII in Vimukti Girls School. My sister and I joined Vimukti 3 years back.

I love my school very much, I have many friends here and I have learnt so many thing like making cards, diyas and rakhis. I love to have the snacks and milk provided here every day. Last year, I participated in sports day and stood first in race. I love to study science. My aim is to become a doctor so that I can serve the society. I will always be there to help the poor as my teachers do. Read more


  • Given the exclusive concerns of girl child that need to be addressed VIMUKTI SANSTHA started VIMUKTI GIRLS SCHOOL in January 2004.
  • The Sanstha was registered on 23rd June 2004, under the registration No. 204/Jaipur, 04-05.
  • The school started with 32 students in 2004 and its strength today is 482. At its peak capacity the strength will be 1200 students from each facility.
  • VGS started with K.G. and now has 16 classes till 8th. Every year the classes will increase till the 12th class.
  • We have also installed a Smart Class for our students. In future there will be approximately 1500 students in class from KG to XII.
  • We have a book club-Barbara Book Club, a computer lab with 10 computers and a small science lab as well.

Post School Support Programme

Vimukti initiated a program of post school support in October 2015 for deserving girls to pursue vocational training directed at obtaining gainful employment or coaching to prepare them for entrance exams for higher studies, after completing class XII. The program is being funded by India Education Fund, USA & EduGirls, USA. Under this initiative, spoken english classes and career counseling sessions are being conducted for class XII girls.

Vimukti Sanstha is making a great effort for its old students by providing free Spoken English classes where students like me are learning how to speak English more confidently. "Suman Bilotha" (Suman studied in VGS from KG to class VIII and then joined a government school for further studies. She is now in class XII and has opted for Arts stream).