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I want to join Indian Army So I can serve the nation

By : Ritu Chauhan

My Name is Ritu Chauhan I am 19 years old.

I am an ex student of VGS.I joined Vimukti in class K.G and left in 2012 as I passed class VIII. My Father’s Name is Mr. Mahaveer Prasad Chauhan and he works as a Bhajan singer. His salary is 10,000 and he is 47 years old My mother’s name is Bhanwari Devi and she is a cook in a hostel. Her salary is 7500 and she is 41 years old. I have 3 younger sisters and one elder. I live in 176/ 29 guru The Bahadur Nagar, Sain Colony, Jhalana. After class VIII I did my X from open school and now I am doing XII class from Government school. My mother used to work in Alpha beta School from there she came to know about VGS and she brought me here to study.

I never faced any problem to come to school as my parents always want me to study and self dependent. What I found the biggest different in VGs and other school is method of study. In VGS teachers are more devoted to make the students understand the course. In other school teachers only want to finish the course, doesn’t matter if students understand anything or not. I used to participate in annual functions and sports day. I got 3rd position in Three Legged race. VGS is doing its best to make its students self dependent by providing free Spoken English classes where students like me are learning how to speak English more confidently. It is also providing us personality grooming / Counseling sessions where we learn how to become more confident about ourselves.

Now I want to join Indian Army So I can serve the nation.