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Vimukti Girls School

Communities Involved

Girls in Class 1The organization has a dedicated cadre of teachers, staff and volunteers who support the Vimukti learning experience. The School is affiliated to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education. VGS not only provides free education but also free books and stationery, uniforms, shoes, bags, snacks, milk and subsidized transportation for the girls.








Selection Criteria

Girls in the Magic Bus Session 3The slums of Jaipur suffer from various socio-economic problems which are intensified by the continued migration of poor families from rural areas. The living conditions, health & sanitation are of abysmally low levels. The slum population also faces a high level of social ills like drug abuse and crime against women.

The girls belong to socially and economically weaker sections of the society. Around 95% of the girls are from socially backward classes, minority sections and their family income is not more than Rs 100,000 annually.

The admission process of Vimukti Girls School involves a physical survey of the houses of all the applicants. This is done to ensure that the information provided in the admission form is genuine and every applicant fulfills the income criteria of less than Rs 100,000 annual family income. The students’ parents work as auto-rickshaw / drivers / labourers / cooks / domestic help / washerwomen / mechanics / sweeper / painter / carpenter etc. The average family size is 5 members. Many girls come from families with single mothers (widowed or separated) or drunkard / abusive fathers / brothers as a result mothers are sole breadwinners.


Smart Class in progress

  • Free education
  • Free –booksstationery, uniforms, shoes, bags, meals and milk
  • Qualified teachers
  • Appropriate teacher student ratio 1:25
  • English medium till class 12 with commerce and humanities
  • Composite science and maths lab
  • Computer lab
  • Maths lab
  • “Barbara Book Club”
  • Smart Class



Holistic Development at Vimukti